Coil Cleaning with deep cleaning penetration of the coils!

Coils in HVAC systems are supposed to be able to pass large volumes of air.  But dirt easily builds up over and in between these coils inhibiting transfer.  Ordinary coil cleaning spray guns and other cleaning systems simply do not remove all of this built up deposits severely inhibiting HVAC performance.

The PATENTED Hurricane coil cleaning system uses a mixture of 65% compressed air and 35% water that flows through the entire system – even tightly made chilled water coils. 

The system specially designed nozzle reaches the entire surface area of the coils with the water and any cleaning chemical injected deep into the coil assembly thoroughly removing debris improving the air flow and heat transfer back to near “new” condition while also cutting the labor time in cleaning.  In fact, while cleaning the coils the operator can often be comfortably seated when performing the cleaning operation. 

The system only requires 100 PSI of air at 95 CFM and a city water supply


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