Case Study

The Hurricane coil cleaning system was used to clean the chilled water coils of a 51 story building in the USA.


After cleaning, the static pressure drop was  0.391 inches. The published data for new coils for static pressure is 0.33 inches so it was near to new condition.

Calculated annual energy savings of 53,900 kWh and 11 kW.

After cleaning, the fan speed in the unit was also reduced from 100% to 75% which gives additional savings.

Thermal efficiencies throughout the clean coils was improved significantly and much more than previous cleanings with other methods..

The cleaning also resulted  in more efficient use of chilled water.

Assuming 8 cents per kWH, the savings for this one 60 H.P. motor is already $4312.0 per year.

Total annual savings for the building due to increased efficiency of the system is in excess of $50,000.00 USD!!